Friendship, Art and Design Equals New Business Venture

by Kim Scott Sowinski

Leslie McCafferty and Saule Narbutaitis are excited about thier new business venture.
Photo by K Scott Sowinski

When Saule Narbutaitis and Leslie McCafferty were brought together five years ago to judge an srt show for the Brecksville Center for the Arts, little did they know how much thier paths would cross and finally merge in the following years.

Narbutaitis, who worked in occupational therapy for 20 years, got her design degree at Ursuline College and MBA at Cleveland State in late 1980 and has been an interior designer at Bello Design in Beachwood for the past 11 years.

McCafferty resigned as a civil engineer eight years ago to begin painting in her home studio and spend more time with her children, Lauren, now 20, and Colin, 13.

Their volunteer work at BCA put them together not only as judges, but as chairpersons for "Art from the Heart," the fundraiser held at Western Reserve Bank in Brecksville.

When McCafferty was asked to hand paint knobs and handles for a specialty business in Hudson, she ended up having an opportunity to buy the company.

It was a perfect fit for Narbutaitis and herself; thus Eclectique Interior Accessories Inc. was born.

"It's a good business marriage," Narbutaitis said. "Our husbands and daughters are friends; we do it with love and trust. It just works."

McCafferty concured. "The business is fresh, new, fun, lively and puts a smile on your face. We're even in the same book club together," she said.

Eclectique offers unique, handpainted wood knobs for furniture, some with crystals.

They have also expanded the line to include adjustable stoppers for wine, vinegar or other liquids that need a tight seal. Currently thier products can be found at Wine & Design in Tremont, The Mezzanine Gallery in the Old School House in Little Italy and Edelman's Plumbing East and West.

The Brecksville Magazine, July 2011